PANDORE: An Original Occult Fiction Fantasy Series (20+ Books)

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Pandore is an original occult fiction series that delves into the inner demons and arcane forces that plague us all daily presenting a byproduct of esoteric fiction to shed light on this perennial struggle.

  • GOAL: 100 Book Series
  • GENRE: Occult Fiction/Supernatural


PANDORE is an original occult fiction fantasy series with esoteric knowledge exploring the vast oppositional forces everyone faces within themselves on an everyday basis, and provides a fictional solution as to why they occur. It is along the lines of “THE GOOD PLACE”, “RIPD”, “SHADOWHUNTERS”, “DEAD LIKE ME” and most recently from what I saw, “DRESDEN FILES”. “Life’s a gift” has a whole new meaning for CLAY DONOVAN, a small-town cop in Lockwood, Minnesota as he dares to cross the trepid waves between our world and Pandore.

It’s believed that there is only one Hell. But what if we everyone—were wrong, and that there’s more to it than just that? It is believed that Hell is composed of 7 divisions. One for each fatal sin. But many fail to mention the 8th division: Pandore. A Purgatory land of dust, filled with guides and peculiar souls. They are the misfits of this arcane world, the “Dravens” of society, and they’re about to gain a whole lot more attention to themselves.

Clay Donovan is an exceptional law enforcement officer – a shining achiever determined to become a detective in Minnesota, even more accomplished than his childhood hero and now co-worker, Detective Derrick Jones. His track record boasts a staggering 90% success rate in putting Lockwood’s death row inmates behind bars, stopping several robberies, and preventing numerous deaths.

Now, disillusioned and disheartened, he contemplates hanging up his badge for good. Yet, fate has other plans in store for him, as a special date night is rudely interrupted by an unexpected opportunity that presents itself in the most unlikely of ways – the elusive killer he had been chasing relentlessly now within his grasp.

However, the hunt through the thick forest leads Clay straight into the heart of Pandore – a mysterious and rarely spoken about realm, commonly known as the lesser known part of Hell – a place where our demons and shadows originate, along with a few other beings we choose to ignore or dismiss as mere figments of imagination, such as Ghouls, Fiends, and Dhampir’s. But amidst this chaotic and unpredictable world, there is one figure that stands out – Azi Dahaka, a once formidable slave, bound by his own kin. He is known as the Reaper before Death.

It is in this dangerous and alluring realm that the Shifters – beings capable of manipulating perceptions, realities, emotions, and even life itself – reside. They can incite hate and breed distrust effortlessly by transforming into other people. While this gift may hold immense power, some choose to use it for pure evil, especially the likes of Aka Manah – the embodiment of all evil thoughts, and the Effigies – the twisted reflections of their unfortunate victims.

And much like them, and those fallen before, CLAY becomes one of them, as a Death Walker. His real “fallen identity” has yet to be discovered. Will he be able to overcome this newfound darkness, or will his natural light rush in a new dawn?

Author’s Note:

Pandore originally came to me in a dream back in 2015. I called it Lockwood Files but changed it around 2017 due to Lockwood being a completely different series targeted for children and I didn’t want to deal with the potential backlash of that because my series is most definitely NOT for children. Due to personal life setbacks I’ve put it off and put it off until recently when I decided to actually do something with the idea. Come with me on this fantastical journey as I write it! Give input and let ME know what YOU want.

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