AXO: A Broken Reality Dying For Your Sanity(NXT Book 2)

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For fans of Brave New World, 1984, and the Otherworld Series, comes an innovative near-future thriller in continuation of the horror that is NXT: AXO.

Because of her heinous past, and current affairs, her unknown potential lies upon the apex between two extremes of silent acceptance and loud resistance within.

Now she must learn how to create a new beginning, preserve what she desires, and accept the fall of any and all destruction.

“Brave New World” and “1984” meets the digital age in this cutting-edge cyberpunk thriller with a unique blend of gripping SciFi, nail-biting suspense, and a splash of Jekyll and Hyde-esque mystery. Perfect for fans of near-future worlds, scientific concepts, and escapism.

Echo Turner is a miraculous survivor of NXT who discovers a fault in Sigma Solutions. This unexpected turn brings with it further disruption towards her existence. She’s determined to use her second chance at life as a way to make things right in this seemingly artificial world.

But after many failures, Lud recruits Echo into the safety of their group.

Nothing could touch them… Or so they all believed…

Soon after joining them on a case in reviving NXT’s program, unexplained attacks began targeting everyone involved that Echo had previously came into contact with.

Now an unknown connection involving both her and the system decides the fate of the public.

And all the while, the greatest threat has yet to fully expose itself.

Like it’s forerunner, AXO is a catch-22 brimming with antagonizing hostility, compelling twists, and high-tech intrigue, and political and ideological concepts readers will surely transfix upon until the very last page.

(Subject to change upon release)


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axo: a broken reality dying for your sanity
AXO: A Broken Reality Dying For Your Sanity

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