Thank You For Reading!

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Thank you for your interest in this exciting tale between this world and the next. In my attempt to build a readership and fan base I thought I’d be completely transparent about this concept I have chosen to write about that originally came to me in 2015.

Character Names

All of the characters names have been carefully selected based on their meanings, numerology, and the overall role I have paid out for each character. The plots for each book have also been carefully picked out as well with some factoids I’ve creatively twisted to weave into my overall arc.

This story is in no way meant to insult any religion or belief. I, myself, believe there’s merit in all beliefs. I figured I’d tie them all into one another in some fashion, hoping to bring forth a much needed unity amongst each and every different individual. So that maybe we could all peacefully coexist in a way that’s beneficial for all.

I understand that some people won’t find this as compelling but I know some might. But on a side note, for any potential reader, there will be little to no spice in this series. It could happen but it’s not planned.

My Creative Choices

Now, there is the thing with the creative choices I have made that I hope you’ll come to love. I’ve taken the structure of a screenplay and added prose, stream of consciousness, and composition all sprinkled in between action scenes. I also changed the 3 Act to 6 and may explore other structures such as the Embryo Structure and others.

I am fully aware that this style may be jarring to those who are not familiar with the way screenplays are written, and that’s why I’ve decided to novelize it. Personally, I love reading screenplays but to get your script picked up by any big business is a lot less likely than becoming a best-selling author. At least with this style you’ll get the fast paced excitement TV would offer plus the enjoyment reading creates.

In this new age where reading has declined due to attention span, I have found it more feasible to release “book shot” size novellas. So reading one book may take you about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on how fast one could read.

Questions I Have

The main questions I’ve always wanted answers to were: “Is death truly the end?” – “Is there an actual reason for any of this happening?” – “Why do these bad things happen?” – “Is Hell truly a bad place if its sole purpose is to torture evil souls?* (Things like that).

Thank You For Reading!

Thank you for your dedicated curiosity in what I have to offer and I hope you will find this series something you might indulge in. I have many more, unrelated genres, of stories I’d like to write this way. Stay tuned for anymore updates and have a wonderful day! Feel free to send me a message and AMA.

You’ll be able to find this series on DARBOOKS, Ream Stories,, and Substack.

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