I’m a serial fiction author that holds a mirror up to the world as it is and questions the scope of our current realities, reflecting back an amount of endless possibilities both dire and exotic. This is a dedicated website featuring Serialized content of fictional stories about triumph over struggle opening readers’ minds to new ideas, and bringing forth a motivational change.

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Note from the Author: Why I Self Publish Over Vanity and Trad…

The thing about vanity publishers: they’ll publish whoever has the most money. Trad will publish whoever has the most following. Self publishing is not a “bad” or “last resort” type situation. For the serious artist, it is a statement that their credibility outweighs those who buy their way. It means that they cannot be bought. Self publishing can make a living, without having to sell your rights or take a massive paycut considering most publishers want 80 to 90% of what your book earns. And they rarely give out advances anymore. Not unless you’re Stephen King that is…

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